Pet Photographers in Spokane

As our love of pets grows, so does the need to include them in our family circle. A growing trend is Pet Photography. A talented and creative pet photographer has the ability to identify and capture what makes your pet a special and unique member of your family. When considering hiring a pet photographer, do your research. Not all photographers are the same. A balance between personality and professionalism must be identified.
Pet photographers typically fall into one of three categories. Being able to identify which category the photographer you want to hire falls in to will save you aggravation and disappointment. Most so-called animal photographers are do-it-yourselfers you just picked up a camera and figured its easy to do. They have a great love for animals. But their photography skills are obviously lacking. This photographer is usually very affordable. But their lack of camera knowledge becomes very apparent when you see the final product. these photographers typically shoot with their cameras in the ‘P’ or ‘programmable’ mode. Shutter speeds are usually too slow to stop the constant motion of a dog. Their inability to us flash photography properly means green glowing eyes, shadows and harsh background lighting. Composition is also an issue with a photographer if this caliber. Little care is taken in assessing background. the final result is just a poor, fl image that shows no character of the animal.
On the opposite end of the spectrum is the professional portrait photographer. These photographers make their living photographing people in glamorous and dramatic settings. the idea of photographing your dog on the same set as a model is insulting and a waste of time for them. They lack the patience and care to capture your pet in their unique likeness. Yes. You will get a wonderful photo. The lighting will be dramatic, the pet will look fabulous. But the unique expression of your pet is typically missing. Also, the experience of working with a portrait photographer is not as enjoyable as a professional pet photographer.
An authentic professional pet photographer is usually a joy to work with. They have equal parts professional photographic skills, as well as a genuine love for animals. When shooting on location, the pro pet photographer takes the time to compose the perfect shot. They consider lighting, background and environment, to create an image that not only captures, but truly defines the moment. In a studio setting, the professional pet photographer has plenty of colorful props and a number of background options to compliment the color of your pet’s coat. Another great skill that professional pet photographers possess is the ability to understand the unique characteristics of your dog’s breed, and to capture that majesty or whimsy in extraordinary likeness.
Including your beloved pet in all of your activities is important. Having a professional photo of your pet hanging on your wall will keep your heart warm for years. Take the time to research the photographer you choose to capture these moments. Having the right professional on hand will make the experience fun and enjoyable for both you and your four-legged family member. And the memory will last a lifetime.

SEO Opportunities in the Inland Northwest

These days it is next to impossible to have a successful business (especially if it is a new venture) without a healthy and active web presence. This is true whether your business is located in a large city like Spokane, Washington or a smaller city such as Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Search engine optimization is the new lifeblood of business.

People searching for a solution to a problem from bad breath to lawn care all begin their search by browsing the internet. And they do not have the time or patience to go three or four pages deep to locate your website. They look at the first one or two entries and click there believing it is the solution they need. In fact over 90% of all Google users click on one of the first three results. So if your business does not appear in the top three spots in the natural Google search results, it is time to hire a Coeur d’Alene search engine marketing company to help you attract the web traffic your business needs to not only survive but to thrive!

What kind of businesses can benefit from Search Engine Optimization in Coeur d’Alene? The short answer is anyone that provides a service that people are actively seeking. Is search engine optimization right for your company? To answer that, you need to compare the potential revenue gained from doing SEO to the cost of the campaign. And any SEO expert worth his salt should be able to give you a reasonable estimate of new traffic to expect from a solid and targeted campaign.

Examples of businesses that we help include personal trainers, both private and entire gyms; all kinds of contractors from roofers to plumbers to landscapers; caterers; mechanics and body shops… You get the idea. We also help a number of wedding and senior portrait photographers in Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding area generate new clients. You are only limited by your imagination.

Even fishing guides can benefit form SEO. Here is a simple promotional video that was created to demonstrate how easy it is to increase your Montana fly fishing guide business with a simple video like this.

So if you truly want your new company to thrive in today’s marketplace, you must have a succesful and competent SEO campaign working for you. While other businesses continue to struggle for every customer they get, solid exposure on the internet will keep you growing long into the future.

Thankful for Expedited Passports

My fortieth birthday snuck up on me in a hurry. My wife and a couple we are friends with planned a trip down to Puerto Vallarta,  Mexico and I had no idea what was happening. So, about a month before the big day, she springs it on me. I’m speechless. I get the time off of work and we get to planning and packing.

We travel quite a bit so I know we have our passports. Unfortunately, when we dug them up, they were 4 months expired! I didn’t know what to do. The process of passport renewal takes just as long as getting a new passport. And I didn’t want to risk my vacation waiting on the government. So I looked for ways to expedite our passports and I was thrilled that there are places that can turn around your passport in as little as 24 hours!

Needless to say, the process was very simple and painless. The people were extremely professional and the overall experience was quite positive.

Our vacation went off without a hitch. We went scuba diving. Spent time on the beach with drinks in our hands. I had a birthday that I will remember forever!

Eye Exercises for Better Vision

Today’s technology may provide us with great convenience in the form of instant access to any information we want at the push of a button. But all luxuries come at a price. Staring at video monitors and smartphones and tablets for countless hours each day causes our eyes to fatigue more easily, and may lead to certain age-associated vision issues later in life. However, there are things we can do now that can protect our vision for the future. Consistently practicing simple exercises like the ones outlined here can keep your vision young and healthy for ages to come.

Try these simple eye exercises to help you maintain good vision and ward off those irritating eye floaters. These eye exercises can be performed at you desk at work, or upon waking and just before bedtime. Whenever your eyes feel fatigued, stop for a few minutes and give these exercises a try. Besides being healthy for your eyes, these exercises will also give you a mental boost to help you focus as well. By consistently practicing the exercises daily, you will begin to see optimal results in as little as one month.

– Start by Warming up your eyes. Vigorously rub your hands together for ten to fifteen seconds to generate heat. Place your hands over your eyes with your palms on your cheek bones and your fingers against your forehead for at least five seconds. Repeat the process three times.

– Roll your eyes. Begin by looking upwards and proceed to slowly circle your eyes ten times clockwise, and then ten times in a counterclockwise motion. Try to maintain a fluid controlled motion. Don’t let your eyes dart from position to position. This exercise takes practice to master, but once you do get it down, it is an excellent way to relax as well!

– Practice Focus. Grab a pencil and hold it at arm’s length while focusing your eyes upon it. Then, slowly bring the pencil closer to you until it reaches approximately six inches from your face. After that, slowly move it away while maintaining focus on the pencil. Repeat ten times. This exercise aids in strengthening the muscles that contract and reshape the lens in your eye. It is this reshaping that allows us to see up close. Keeping those muscles fit can delay the need for reading glasses that occurs as people age.

– Massage your temples. Using your thumbs, massage both your temples by pressing with light to moderate pressure against your temples and rotate. Massage twenty times in one direction and then twenty times in the other. Repeat the same motions midway over the eyebrows, then underneath the eyes on either side of the bridge of your nose.

– Give yourself a mini-nap. This one is really simple. Gently tilt your head backwards while closing your eyes. Relax and rest for a minimum of three minutes. This not only relaxes your eyes, it also relaxes your neck muscles and reduces strain. Warning, don’t let your boss catch you practicing this one at your desk. I doubt he’ll believe you are exercising.

Eyecare maintenance is easy to overlook. We were never taught the benefit of exercising our eyes. Just like running consistently can keep your heart younger and healthier, so too can exercising your eyes keep your vision younger and healtier. Stay on a healthy vision exercise program and the next time you see your optometrist, she will exclaim how much better your eyes are doing.

Phytonutrient Information

Phytonutrients are found in plants and usually concentrated in the skins of fruits and vegetables; these elements are what give them their color, flavor and scent. Your grandmother may not have known why she encouraged you to eat apples, oranges, and other fruits but she and others have been proven right. The more colorful your vegetables and fruits, the better they are for you. You should eat at least 7 differently colored fruits and vegetables each day.

The reason that phytonutrients are so important is that they have been shown to prevent mutations of cells while others help our cells communicate with each other. Some act as anti-inflammatories; scientists are becoming convinced that heart disease is partially a result of general inflammation in the body. In fact, phytonutrients are being used in commercially produced medications that are prescribed to lower blood pressure, help with the pain of arthritis, and even in asthma medicine and those for other respiratory problems. Phytonutrients also help lower bad cholesterol, which protects your heart and overall health.

Phytonutrients help neutralize free radicals, which are naturally occurring chemicals that lead to premature aging and disease. They help boost the immune system and might even help prevent certain types of cancer. Recent research has shown that phytonutrient-rich blueberries and bilberries actually slowed the aging process in the brains of lab rats. And it helped to maintain healthy vision.

Flavonoids are the phytonutrients that give fruits and vegetables their bright colors and protect them from disease, UV light, poisons, insects, and soil pollutants. They provide the immune system for plants. Flavonoids also aid in the prevention of many diseases in humans, protect from cell damage, lower blood pressure and help stop nerve degeneration. They strengthen the walls of veins and arteries, reduce the build up of plaque in blood vessels and keep them flexible.

Whole grains are also another source of phytonutrient nurtrition. This means that you can balance your frest fruit and vegetable consumption by eating healthy, whole grain breads and other baked products. Individuals who experience gluten intolerance can get phytonutrients by eating rice, quinoa, corn, millet and sorghum.

Fresh fruits and vegetables provide so many benefits from phytonutrients that it’s hard to list them all. You’ll be more resistant to viruses and other disease, particularly those that are not yet treatable with modern drugs. There was a time when vitamin C was recommended for a cold or flu and it was thought that it could even prevent these diseases. The reality is that even though ascorbic acid does provide the health benefits as shown, it is more effective in plant form instead of lab form. People who ate citrus and other fruits were found to be healthier and had a lower incidence of colds and flu than those that did not.